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Investing in People

  1. Professionalization of public sector officers

  2. Role of HR and life-long learning for the public sector

  3. Entrepreneurship and innovation for the public sector

Image by Christin Hume
Image by Katie Moum

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

  1. From words to action – Upholding ethics laws and codes in public sector

  2. Ant-money laundering and prevention of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)

  3. The Non-Compliance with laws and regulations framework – NOCLAR

The Green Targets

  1. Net Zero – Towards effective climate action in public sector

  2. Green innovation & opportunities - Carbon Trading practices for the public sector

  3. Environmental Social Governance - Targets and measures for the public sector boards and management

Image by NOAA
Image by Campaign Creators

Public Finance Management Reforms

  1. Public sector finance governance in practice- Budget credibility

  2. Data Analytics opportunities in PFM

  3. Strategy and planning in public sector

  4. Audit and effective parliamentary oversight in public sector

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